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“Instead of the usual, dull interviews with celebrities, the work of interviewing ordinary people – those who live in your neighborhood, older members of your family – is terribly exciting and rewarding. With a tape recorder and microphone, young interviewers are able to capture the unofficial, unrecorded history of our daily lives. This Teen Reporter Handbook is a wonderful guide to doing that work.”
—Studs Terkel

New and revised handbook coming in 2015!

Anyone can make a radio diary. Our citizen journalism guide, the Teen Reporter Handbook, isn’t just for young people – it’s for anyone who wants to try their hand at making radio. Whether you’re interviewing a neighbor, or a grandparent, or someone you’ve never met, a microphone is a passport into their lives. If you or someone in your community has a story to tell, get a microphone, a recorder, a pair of headphones, and get started.

The Teen Reporter Handbook has been used in schools across the United States, as well as in Russia, Israel, South Africa, and even in a journalism training program in Southern Afghanistan.

Download a PDF of the Teen Reporter Handbook.

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