Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary Life


Transom should be the first stop for anyone looking exploring radio on the web. Public radio meets the online community in an audio-and-the-internet experiment started by Jay Allison. He says, “We’re looking for new and different voices, for good ideas. Record your stories. Send them to us. Listen to other people’s work and talk about it.”

Check out Alix Spiegel’s America Project website. Brooklyn-based independent producer Alix Spiegel started as one of the founding producers at This American Life. The America Project site collects all of her work, including stories like “81 Words,” “Hitler’s Yacht,” “Pray,” and “Niagara”. Also, it’s got amazing illustrations.

American RadioWorks is the national documentary unit of Minnesota Public Radio. ARW is public radio’s largest documentary production unit; it creates documentaries, series projects, and investigative reports for the public radio system and the Internet. ARW is based at Minnesota Public Radio in St. Paul with staff journalists in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, C.A., and Durham, N.C.

Association of Independents in Radio 
Dedicated to creativity and vision in public and community radio, AIR is a membership organization offering services to a diverse community of professionals – independent producers, audio artists, techies, stations, networks, marketers, media oriented attorneys and educators. AIR hosts regular open-to-the public, LIVE CHAT sessions: the CHAT schedule and all AIR member services are described in detail online at www.airmedia.org.

Blunt Radio
A Portland, Maine-based weekly radio call-in program by and for teens.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting
CPB was created by Congress in 1967 and is public broadcasting’s largest single source of funding.

In their own words…”This is an experiment. An experiment of the “I” and a new way to get our stories read and heard. For too long, our stories have been heard once on the radio and then dissolved into air. For too long, our writings have lain in wait in our dusty drawers or overloaded hard drives. ”

Independent Producer Barrett Goulding’s audio museum of great radio documentaries.

Lost and Found Sound
Created by the Kitchen Sisters, Lost & Found Sound is a national collaboration of radio producers, artists, journalists, sound collectors, film sound designers, public radio listeners and NPR.

National Public Radio
NPR serves a growing audience of more than 15 million Americans each week via 620 public radio stations and the Internet.

Picture Projects produces the best web-based documentary work around. Check out their site 360degrees.org, which was a collaboration with our Prison Diaries project.

Radio College
A place for freelance public radio journalists, independent radio producers, volunteer community radio producers, station and network-based radio producers, students of broadcast journalism and their teachers to find everything from job listings to technical support to inspiration.

Sound Portraits Productions
David Isay’s production company produces some of the best documentaries that have ever aired on public radio.

Sonic Memorial Project is a major collaboration of independent producers and radio stations nationwide to collect audio artifacts and stories related to the life and history of the World Trade Center and its neighborhood before, during and after September 11. (Radio Row is our contribution.)

Talking History
Professor Gerald Zahavi’s course “Producing Historical Documentaries for Radio” offers a broadreaching curriculum that covers everything from a 1945 Edward R. Murrow broadcast in Buchenwald to contemporary radio documentaries.

The Third Coast Audio Festival
A Chicago Public Radio festival that includes an awards competition, conference, and a constantly updated web archive of radio documentaries.

This American Life
They say it best: “One of the problems with our show from the start has been that whenever we try to describe it in a sentence or two, it sounds awful. It’s a bunch of stories—some are documentaries, some are fiction, some are something else. Each week we choose a theme and invite different writers and performers to contribute items on the theme. This doesn’t sound like something we’d want to listen to on the radio—and it’s our show.”

Youth Radio
A San Francisco-based initiative to get more young people involved in radio.

New York City’s public radio station.
Includes Radio Rookies, a program that works with teenagers to produce radio stories. Also listen to The Next Big Thing, hosted by Dean Olsher.