Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary Life

Radio Diaries in the News

“Whether it’s teenagers or prisoners, the broadcasts allow listeners to eavesdrop on the aural journal entries of people they might not ordinarily meet.  And because these personal revelations come without fanfare, the immediacy of each solitary voice can be startling.”
-The New York Times

“The characters grab you, their stories crackling with passion and truth.”
-The Washington Post

“Mr. Richman’s recorded “Diaries” are sometimes eerily intimate, with the audience entering into a closer bond with the person on tape than is possible perhaps in any other medium, including documentary film.”
-The New York Times

“Teenage Diaries is an engaging and nuanced portrait of adolescence. Whoever said children should be seen, and not heard, got it backward.”

“Prison Diaries takes the listener inside the criminal justice system.  The voices are conversational and confessional.  The sounds range from harsh to heartbreaking.”
-Columbia Journalism Review

“Subtle but powerful…bitter moments, sweetly told.”
-Time Magazine

“Richman, a kind of Studs Terkel of the airwaves, elicits intimate, disarming radio documentaries.”
-Los Angeles Times

“History is more than dates and places. As interpreted by Radio Diaries Productions, history lives within people. So it’s the voices of individuals – ranging from politicians to ordinary citizens – that bring history….to life. A striking mix of archival materials and contemporary reminiscences.”
-Boston Globe

“In Mr. Richman’s diary, there is no reporter, no cameraman to create a distance between subject and listener, and the results sometimes have the unrehearsed quality of a parent telling a child a bedtime story.”

-The New York Times