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Centenarians (Still) in Lockdown

Centenarians, Joe Newman and Anita Sampson hugging in Sarasota, Florida.
Joe Newman and Anita Sampson (courtesy of ABC Action News)
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It’s been 9 months since 107-year-old Joe Newman and 100-year-old Anita Sampson, recorded themselves for our series Hunker Down Diaries. They shared stories of surviving the the flu pandemic of 1918, getting older and staying in love during lockdown. Today on the podcast, we share their story and check in with them in Sarasota, Florida where COVID cases are surging.

Our story Centenarians in Lockdown is winner of the 2020 Third Coast International Audio Award for Best Documentary Short!

This story was produced by Nellie Gilles and Joe Richman, with help from Sarah Kate Kramer. Our editors are Deborah George and Ben Shapiro. It originally aired on NPR’s All Things Considered as part of our Hunker Down Diaries series, you can listen to all 7 stories here

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