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Hey Teens! Tell Your Story by May 31

The deadline for our Teenage Diaries contest is just around the corner! We’ve partnered with NPR and Cowbird to find the next generation of teenage diarists and there are only three days left to submit your story. We’ve already collected hundreds of true, personal stories written, recorded and photographed by teenagers. This summer, we’ll pick two teens out of all the contestants as winners. The prize is to work with us and record a Teenage Diary that will air on NPR.

Some of the strongest stories we’ve received so far are about families. Take a look at the stories below. One teen talks about losing his dad at the age of five and how they developed a new relationship a decade later. Another teen writes about the birth—and near death—of her sister. The third teen is questioning their gender identity and trying to figure out how to be honest with their family.

Here’s how to take part in the contest:

1) Join Cowbird. It’s free!

2) Click “Tell a Story” on the right. Create your story with text, images and/or audio — but please don’t upload material that you don’t own, like copyrighted songs, clip art or photographs.

3) Before you publish your story, click the spiral icon on the right that says “Sagas”, and select “Teens” in the pop up window. This will add your story to the Teens Saga.

4) Click “Publish” and you’re done! Your story will be considered for posting on NPR.org and Radio Diaries.

For consideration, stories must be submitted by May 31. If chosen to appear on NPR.org, authors under the age of 18 will be contacted for parental/guardian consent.

Questions? Contact Nellie Gilles at nellie@radiodiaries.org.

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