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Juan’s Diaries: Undocumented, Then and Now

“I wish I could just take my label off, like when you buy a new pair of jeans, just rip it off. But it hasn’t happened.” -Juan Rodriguez

This week on the Radio Diaries podcast, we check in with one of our original teenage diarists, Juan Rodriguez. Back in the 1990s, Juan crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, and settled with his family next to the Rio Grande river in Texas. I gave him a cassette recorder to document his life there. Almost two decades later, I gave Juan another recorder to report on his life as an adult. In many ways, Juan has achieved the American Dream – he has a house, a good job, and three American kids. But…he’s still undocumented.

Listen to the story Juan told live at The Moth

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Produced by Joe Richman and Sarah Kate Kramer
Edited by Deborah George and Ben Shapiro
Mixed by Ben Shapiro

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