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Love from Six Feet Apart

Most of the country is social distancing in public, but some people are doing it under the same roof.

Robert Jackson is 71 and had a kidney transplant four years ago. His immune system is severely compromised. His wife, Wendy Jackson, is a pediatric emergency room doctor. She runs the risk of being exposed to the coronavirus at work. So the couple made the difficult decision to live together…six feet apart.

Their story is part of our series Hunker Down Diaries, a collaboration with NPR. Over the coming months, we’ll be bringing you stories of people thrown together by the pandemic. If you have an idea for the series, we want to hear from you. We are especially interested in folks hunkering down with unexpected company, people on the front lines, and those without a safety net. Email us with your ideas hunkerdown@radiodiaries.org. Or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

“Our Show” was produced by Erica Heilman of the Rumble Strip Podcast. The series was made in collaboration with the public radio website, Transom.org. To find the whole series, visit rumblestripvermont.com.

Photo by Brian Hong.

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