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Frankie’s Second Chance

FrankieAs a teenager, Frankie was a high school football star whose picture was in his hometown newspaper every week. Years after graduating, Frankie was back in the paper—as a criminal. In his new story for the Teenage Diaries Revisited series, Frankie is hoping for a second chance.

“I went from being on the front page for football, representing my itty-bitty school, to being on the front page as a thief and a meth head.”

A lot of life happens in 16 years.

Listen to both Frankie’s teenage and grown-up stories in this episode of the Radio Diaries Podcast. There’s also a special behind-the-scenes interview with Frankie.


Special thanks to Sarah Reynolds who co-produced Frankie’s new diary for the Teenage Diaries Revisited series.

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