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Now Available: Commemorative CD of Mandela: An Audio History

mandela-rdWe’re excited to announce the release of our new, expanded edition of Mandela: An Audio History. Originally broadcast on NPR, BBC, CBC, and SABC, our documentary tells the story of the collective struggle against apartheid through rare sound recordings and oral histories from Nelson Mandela and those who fought with him, and against him. The series weaves together more than 50 first-person interviews with an unprecedented collection of archival sound: a rare recording of the 1964 trial that resulted in Mandela’s life sentence; a visit between Mandela and his family secretly taped by a prison guard; marching songs of guerilla soldiers; government propaganda films; and pirate radio broadcasts from the African National Congress (ANC). Read this nice review.

If you’re thinking, ‘Why should I buy a CD?’ you’ll understand when you see this new commemorative edition from Highbridge Audio. It’s beautiful, and it includes a special 32-page booklet with historic photos and a complete transcript of the documentary. Purchase a CD or download it here.

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