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Teenage Diaries Revisited LIVE Coming to DC

Photos: David Gilkey/NPR and Radio Diaries.

Photos: David Gilkey/NPR and Radio Diaries.

Back in May we presented our Teenage Diaries Revisited series as a live multimedia show at BAM in New York, co-hosted with Ira Glass. Three of the diarists were on stage playing clips from their diaries and talking about their lives now. It was a really special evening—funny emotional, surprising, alive. Ira called it “a historic night for radio.”

For those of you in Washington, D.C. tickets are now on sale for another live event this fall. Tickets are going fast, so get yours now!

It’s going to be a special evening with NPR’s Melissa Block at the beautiful Sixth & I Historic Synagogue. Teenage Diaries Revisited diarists Josh and Melissa will be on stage to present their stories.

And if you haven’t heard the Teenage Diaries Revisited stories yet, we hope you’ll listen to them on the lovely interactive site NPR built for the series.

Hope to see you in D.C.!

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