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Radio Diaries Turns 20!

Amanda in 1996 / Amanda in 2013. Photo: David Gilkey/NPR

Amanda Brand, our very first diarist, then and now. Photo: David Gilkey/NPR

20 years ago, NPR’s All Things Considered began running my occasional series, Teenage Diaries… which then grew up to become Radio Diaries.

We’re doing a few things to celebrate our 20-year anniversary:

• On the podcast we’re revisiting our very first diary. Amanda joins me in the studio to look back on her teenage self.

• We’re holding a contest. Vote for the diary you’d like us to revisit next on the podcast. Tweet your vote @RadioDiaries with #RadioDiariesTurns20.

• We’ll soon be bringing you a brand new diary… from a young woman in Saudi Arabia.

Honestly, looking back on 20 years freaks me out a bit. But it’s great to see how popular narrative audio storytelling has become, knowing we’ve been a part of that.  Another thing that makes me happy is that some of our best work is just ahead.

We’re leaving our teenage years behind.

Thanks for being part of it,


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