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The Border Wall

The call for a wall along our border with Mexico has a long history. In fact, the first border wall was built 100 years ago… it was a 6 foot tall fence that went straight through the town of Nogales, Arizona.

Walls and fences represent a very human impulse: to have an actual physical barrier that marks the imaginary one on the map.

It’s a simple idea. And – like most things – it turns out to not be so simple.

Today on the podcast: stories about walls and borders, and what happens when – instead of people crossing the border – the border crosses the people.




Historian Paul Kramer, who led us to this story, wrote a lovely essay about The Chamizal in the New Yorker. More of Paul’s work can be found at www.paulkrameronline.com. Special thanks to Paul, The University of Texas at El Paso Institute of Oral History, The LBJ Presidential Archive, the Vanderbilt Archive and Maria Eugenia Trillo.

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