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Welcome to The Memory Palace

Memory Palace Logo_type below square-01Do you remember the first podcast you ever fell in love with?

I do…it was back in 2009.

The pleistocene era of podcasts.

The show was called the Memory Palace… by Nate Dimeo.  My first podcast crush.

So I couldn’t be happier to tell you that Nate is joining our family. The Memory Palace is the newest member of the Radiotopia collective!

We’re celebrating today by bringing you the Memory Palace episode that make me love podcasts. It’s about Guglielmo Marconi, sometimes called the inventor of radio…and his dreams of a super-radio that would allow him to hear every sound ever made.

I hope you’ll fall in love too. Subscribe to the Memory Palace here. The new season begins Monday, June 22.

We’re pairing Nate’s story with one of our own, a portrait of Frank Schubert, caretaker of the Coney Island Lighthouse.

Thanks for listening.

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